And the Marshmallows Just Keep Coming

I haven’t been doing an awful lot of new things that I can post about yet.  I tried to make key lime tartelettes and pots de creme last night, but that didn’t go as planned.  Lesson learned: never do your shopping according to one recipe and then use a different recipe.  Also, don’t have over 500 recipes bookmarked.  And even if you do, FOR GOODNESS SAKES SORT THEM ONCE IN A WHILE!

I’ve been continuing my marshmallow experiments.  They’re just so easy to make!  And you know I’m a sucker for anything that goes from hot slush to fluffy magic within minutes.  However, there was one problem with my recipe, and that was the corn syrup.  It’s probably the only corn syrup I consume, but it’s corn syrup nonetheless, and people don’t like that stuff (with good reason).  I figured since the corn syrup just gets boiled into a sugary mass then I could easily substitute something else for it.  And in the interest of science, I was going to substitute flavored syrups.

I had a jar of cara cara orange syrup sitting in the fridge from the last time I made candied orange peels, so for my first batch I halved the recipe I’ve been using and subbed the cara cara syrup for the corn syrup.  The result was a flowery, subtle citrus flavor, though there was a bit of a granulated crunch to the marshmallows.  That may be because I didn’t strain the syrup first – I’ll try that next time.  They also dried out a lot faster than normal because I made them fairly thin and cut them out in star shapes.  I wouldn’t make them that thin again, but the stars were cute.  I also used a bit of gel food coloring to try to make them orange, but they came out barely tinted.  Marshmallow just generally wants to stay white I guess.

Pretend you're a ninja! These throwing stars are safe to throw into friends' mouths!

Pretend you're a ninja! These throwing stars are safe to throw into friends' mouths!

I didn’t stop at orange, though – as you can see, I also made some purple marshmallows.  Violet, to be exact.  I replaced the corn syrup with some Monin violet syrup.  Those marshmallows came out much sweeter and smoother – they’re the softest, smoothest marshmallows I’ve made to date.  They are also very, very sweet, and I had to cut them into tiny little pieces because more than one small bite at a time was too much.  They also really like to absorb the powdered sugar I rolled them in, because they get stickier as time goes on and I’ve had to re-roll them once or twice.  So, not quite perfect, but good enough to pack in fancy little boxes and mail to people!  Yeah, even when you halve the already smaller-than-normal recipe I’ve been using, you still get way too many marshmallows for two people.

The idea here is that the violet marshmallows are like clouds, and the orange ones are the sun, hiding behind...Ehhh?

The idea here is that the violet marshmallows are like clouds, and the orange ones are the sun, hiding behind...Ehhh?

As you can see, I also used food coloring in the violet ones.  Despite the syrup being a lovely shade of deep violet, it didn’t come through in the actual marshmallows.  I used a lot of blue and a little red.  Mostly blue.  I like the color very much, kind of an understated grayish blue that reminds me of afternoon tea with refined old ladies.  These marshmallows beg to be served on a doily, with some nice china.  Maybe with some bitter hot chocolate.  I also think I want a flower-shaped cutter for them.  As fun as it is to dismember a giant marshmallow with kitchen shears, I’m not very good at cutting them straight (let alone spreading the marshmallow evenly before it sets).

I’m going to continue these experiments, and hopefully I’ll have better pictures to post of those results.  Once I candy some ginger I should have ginger syrup to play with, and I’d love to try making some rose ones, though I worry they might end up too strong as rose flavor can be really overwhelming.  I just can’t resist the idea of rosy pink marshmallows!

Anyone got any flavors they’d like to see me tackle?  I’d also like to try strawberry-chocolate, and maybe jasmine if I can figure out how to do that.  I’m sure if I went through the kitchen I could find all sorts of interesting possiblities.  I wonder if the syrup from canned fruit would work?  Of course, I’d have to come up with a use for the fruit, too (and that use would probably just be me eating it).

5 responses to “And the Marshmallows Just Keep Coming

  1. Enjoyed the green marshmallows the first time. These sound good too!

  2. That is very cool! Ninja star marshmallows are a way to get guys to eat these lovely fluffy treats 😛

  3. What about jasmine-flavored? Or rosewater? Or orange flower water? (clearly I like flowers)
    I really need to try to make my own marshmallows – love these posts about them!

  4. Girl, it’s marshmallow madness at your house! Love the colors. You should make them again in those hues at Easter.

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