I’m Here, Just Sans Content!

Today I’m trying to clean stuff around the house, so no super-interesting food.  I did roast some purple cauliflower last night, and took some pictures…which came out horribly since it was so late and dark.  I also had a hard time eating the cauliflower…it’s sad, I can’t deal with cruciferous veggies since getting sick a couple weeks ago (a big bowl of pan-seared broccoli was one of the things I ate in the meal just a couple hours before actually becoming sick, so you can understand why it’s a little offputting).  I still have half that cauliflower left and would like to do something nice with it…maybe some kind of spread or something.

I tried to make pita bread the other day, and while I succeeded in making bread I did not succeed in making pockets.  I’m not sure what went wrong.  They came out more like English muffins, so we’ve been splitting and toasting them for breakfast.  Nothing wrong with that.  I’ll do a little research and try again soon.  Maybe my dough needs to be wetter?  That would create more steam inside the pockets, right?

I’ve also been meaning to attempt creme brulee for a while, which I will get to this week.  I just have so many cupcakes to eat that I’m not really interested in other desserts.  I also need to buy butane for my new torch.  I don’t think it’s a great idea to try and make the burnt sugar crust with a Bic.

In keeping with my personal love for flower consumption, here is some photographic proof that I enjoy the taste of flowers:

I wish I had another bar...maybe tomorrow.

I wish I had another bar...maybe tomorrow.

That’s the candy I’m consuming in my profile picture…it was yummy.  One of my favorite chocolate bars, I think.  Right now I have a plain Valrhona Manjari 64% cacao bar that I picked up at Whole Foods, hoping that all the Valrhona hype was true.  It’s ok…I would prefer a darker chocolate for a plain bar, but Z wanted to try it too and doesn’t share my love for chocolate so dark it no longer tastes like chocolate.  So, not really worth the money when I can get a Dagoba lavendar or Green & Black ginger bar for less.  Should’ve gotten something more suited to baking…oh well.

Now I’m really just stalling…I don’t want to go out and shovel, even though I don’t have to do much.  I just don’t want to have to go outside a half an hour early tomorrow to clean my car off.  Arg.

…So, anyone else a Fringe/LOST fan?  I find that if I think too much about LOST returning TOMORROW NIGHT, I become too excited to function.  I’m still recovering from the sheer joy of watching the Powerpuff Girls special last night.


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