Snuff Snuff *CHOMP*

Here’s that hedgehog I drew.


He likes to eat violets.  I drew it because at the time I had just placed an order for rose, violet and lavender essences to use in baking adventures.  I’m excited – just like this little guy, I enjoy eating flowers!  Not a fan of getting flowers…have to keep them in water, then they die, then I have to throw them away…But if they’re, say, sugared violets or dried bits of lavender or something yummy like that, bring them on!

I have some serious plans for the rose essence…that depends on if I can find a rather unusual fruit, though.  I know it’s in season…it just doesn’t grow locally.  Time to finally take that trip down to Whole Foods, I think.  Anyone want to join me on the ULTIMATE GROCERY ADVENTURE???

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