The Year in Me

I do have some food I could post, but it’s not terribly exciting (though it’s tasty) so it can wait until tomorrow.  I have to go grocery shopping again before I can make anything special and new…anyway…

My blog hasn’t been running long enough for me to really do a countdown of my favorite recipes or a monthly pick or anything.  I feel like there’s also quite a curve in the recipes I’ve been making.  A lot has happened this year, and much of it has been related to the blog.  Here’s what I’ll do…how about a summary of my year in general, month-by-month…

January: After surviving my first and only Christmas managing a record store (though it was my fifth retail Christmas…yikes), my nerves were frayed.  I started drawing pictures of cartoonish animals on my breaks at work, collecting them for a “coloring book.”

February: Sales and the weather continued to be bleak.  Vodka was becoming my favorite after-work snack.  I kept working on those silly animal pictures…

March: More of the same as February, really.

April: The sun started coming out again and I started making plans for a vacation in June, based around my birthday.  The staff at the store was as worn out as I was.  I kept drawing.

May: My staff started leaving.  I hated having to replace such a rad group of people.  I hit a brick wall with what little creativity I had time to express, and after a lot of thought I decided to quit my job in the summer and move in with Z.  I kept that news quiet…

June: I had more ridiculous staffing issues and had a mad scramble to hire people, but was able to go on vacation anyway.  Went to Boston…Boston was ok.  Went to New York…and reinforced my wish to move there.  Came home and gave my notice at the store.

July: The last month of work wasn’t easy.  I finally reached my goal of 24 pages of silly animals, and then had to replace half my new staff, while getting the store ready for remodeling.  I finally finished my last day and went forth to freedom.

August: After a couple weeks of laziness, I finally finished moving everything.  I was overwhelmed with free time and did pretty much nothing…and it was very nice.

September: Started printing the coloring books.  I sold some to and through friends and family.  It felt good!  I also took notice of the food blogging world…I had wanted to get back into blogging for a while but had no time or focus before.

October: I started my blog, and within a couple weeks had begun communicating with other food bloggers.  I also rediscovered my interest in cross stitch.  I began looking into Etsy.

November: I launched my Etsy and began doing custom illustration for people.  I didn’t and still don’t make much from it, but it’s something.  I also began looking into cooking schools, particularly ones that had pastry programs.  If it weren’t for a particularly awful job experience right around my 18th birthday, I probably would have gone to cooking school back then.

December: I decided which school I want to go to (FCI in Soho, NYC) and began to plan the year ahead of me.

I’m calling the school on Monday to get an appointment to go see it in April.  I’m definitely interested in pastry, though they also offer a short program on hydrocolloids which I’d really like to take.  I’ve been doing my homework on the school and its affiliations, and am now interested in restaurants and concepts that are far beyond my means.  Way to go, me.

No fun pictures today…I was going to draw something but just couldn’t get the motivation to draw anything that wasn’t for a logo project.  So, no original concepts.  Oh well.  The power was also out for an hour…and the kitchen is a disaster since I made myself dinner in the dark.  Not to mention the clean up I still have to do after the giant breakfast I made for Z at 3 in the afternoon.  Yes, I woke up at 1…and no, it wasn’t because I was partying.  We stayed in and watched the Twilight Zone marathon and played Animal Crossing at midnight.  And I baked cookies and made soup and tofu (the latter of which I’ll post about tomorrow).  I guess I’ll have to make up a grocery list tomorrow and get myself out to the store soon for more interesting ingredients…

Oh, and happy New Year.

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