I’m Not Dead!

So, yesterday I’m all “hey it’s like seven, where’s the propane truck?”  So we call and they’re all “oh whoops, truck broke” so I’m like “sure” and then ice was all hitting the house so later the power was all “see ya”…So then it was time for bed anyway and then around noon or something it cleared up and the propane truck showed up and then the power was back.  Now the sun is coming out and the roads aren’t even bad!

But, there are no eggs.  Once I have eggs, there will be cupcakes.  And then tomorrow, there will be grocery shopping and then Christmas cookie extravaganza…and also another cupcake recipe (I’m still trying to figure that one out…it might end up being a little overly unusual).  I also scored a $10 Silpat while Amazon was having a special, and I’ve decided that once I get it I’m gonna try to make meringues…because playing with fluffy egg whites is so fun!

Here is something I drew for someone and they decided to go another route  and I’m actually glad because I really like the style and kind of wanted to keep the rights!

Lalalala, I love to dance!

Lalalala, I love to dance!

It’s based on a super cute template, which in turn is based on an awesome sketch I did that I turned into a turtle…I should clean that up.  I think I want to keep making little characters with the template; I just love the fat little fingies!

Cupcakes to come soon!

One response to “I’m Not Dead!

  1. Ohhhh, she is soooo cute! Can’t wait to see the new cupcakes and cookies.

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