I haven’t been up to much in the last few days, besides generally being apathetic.  I finally got off my ass (not literally, I was sitting right here in my computer chair) and sent away for some information about a few cooking schools.  All pastry stuff…I find that I always have a hell of a fun time baking and making super tasty sugary sweets, but I’m not as into regular food.  My ideal diet tends to include a lot of repetition…veggies sauteed or stir-fried with some sort of vegetarian protein source, with whatever mix of herbs and seasonings I feel like using, and finally mixed with some sort of carbohydrate.  Very healthy, but not terribly interesting.  Desserts, though…doesn’t sugar just equal fun??

It’s been a constant battle in my mind for the last few years what to do with myself.  What do I really want to do?  My two major interests are definitely drawing and cooking, and waffling between the concept of cooking school and art school is no way to make a living.  This explains why I, until very recently, had a blossoming career in retail.  Ultimately, though, I know that a degree in art is not as useful as a degree in food, and while I would like to learn more art skills, I think I can cover anything I need more work on in specific classes (figure drawing, for example).  I know it’s next to impossible to get a job just drawing stuff.  And cooking is a fantastic way to utilize creativity.  I know it’s hard work and long hours…but I just worked retail management for a year.  Running a store where I would easily go a couple of weeks with no days off, working through TWO Christmases at a mall, working 70-hour weeks on salary (no overtime!)…I think I can handle running around a kitchen.  I’m convinced that “on your feet all day” is much more unpleasant when you’re standing still behind a register for that whole day than if you’re running around a busy kitchen.  I haven’t worked in a kitchen since I was 18, and it was at a very depressing nursing home (and was the main reason I switched to retail), but I remember there were many days when I could just run around and learn and cook and keep my mind busy.

So…oh, right, you all are here to see food I made.  Well, I haven’t.  But I’m getting some concrete ideas for this month’s Iron Cupcake, and all I can say is I hope you guys like chocolate.  I have one completely planned and another still working itself out.  Yeah, I’m trying for two.  Why not?  I’ll also have instructions on how to make something that you should be ashamed if you don’t know how to make…probably tomorrow.  I don’t have nearly enough random vegetables.

I’m off to bed…I guess if anyone happens to read this…do you know of any specific places that are great for pastry school?  The only places I sent away to were in and around NYC (CIA, the French one…I think there was another one), San Diego, Tucson and Portland, OR.  I heart NY, and have considered checking out San Diego (you consider extreme things when you have seasonal depression and you live in MAINE)…I have family in Tucson and generally dig the southwest…and I would check out “the other Portland” but I don’t know how much I’d actually like it.  I’m incredibly picky for having lived in the same state all my life (at least I’ve travelled).

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