On the topic of the cupcakes…I had a little frosting disaster…because I’m still pretty terrible at making frostings.  I tried for a white chocolate ganache and it ended up soupy, even after lots and lots of whipping and a whole night in the fridge.  I did, however, have just enough ingredients to make the same cream cheese frosting that I used for the cranberry cupcakes, so I went with that.


I made some regular cupcakes along with the cone-shaped ones.


The cones are indeed awesome for hollowing out; I think I could carve a deeper hole in them without them falling apart, too!

I used the green tea cake recipe from Cupcake Bakeshop and decided to make a pomegranate curd, which I loosely based off a red currant curd recipe from Martha.  In the future I’d like to try a more jelly-type filling for fruit flavors.

The cake itself is really good – not overly green tea-flavored, but nice and moist and earthy.  I’ll definitely make it again, though I’m going to find a more affordable source for matcha.  The curd is all right; a pretty color but not something I’d probably make again.  I think I might try the green tea/dark chocolate route next time…and I probably won’t give up on trying to incorporate white chocolate as well.  I’ll also be saving the cone pan for types of cake that won’t discolor so much where they touch the pan.  It was a shame to lose any of that freaky green color!

Considering what a failure the frosting was, the relative mediocrity of the curd and my non-deviation from the cake recipe, I’m not bothering with an actual full recipe here today.  I will leave you with a nice picture, though.


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