Cupcakes in Progress and Self-Promotion

I’ll get some pictures up later today of some very cute cupcakes I’m working on (I have to make the frosting and assemble them at some point today).  They’re not very seasonally appropriate at this point…they belong outside at a tea party in the spring but I was so excited to use some of my new bakeware and try out a new ingredient that I went ahead and made them anyway.  The filling will make them more winterish, I think…maybe even Christmasy!

I’m also here to shamelessly plug my Etsy projects.  For all of you food-minded people, I made a second coloring book.  It’s alphabetical drawings of desserts and is half the size of the animals book.  It covers A-M and is the first volume of two…the second will be harder since there’s all those tricky letters like Q (quince?), U (uglifruit?), X (uh…) and Z (zzzzz…zebracake?), but I plan to have it out by next year.  I’ll be doing hand-drawn cover art since I just threw the book together in the last couple of days (and haven’t even printed any yet…I’m doing that today, so actual photos of it will follow soon) and it’s a small-scale project.  For anyone who buys one this weekend, I’ll draw whatever dessert they want on the cover…after that, it’s a game of chance (unless you ask REALLY nicely).  You can also see Coloring Animals in the Books & Zines showcase on Etsy today…it’s gotten me a couple extra views…I think.

A little detail of the drawing for "K"...can you tell what it is?

A little detail of the drawing for"K"...can you tell what it is?

This was a fun project because while I’m not very good at styling and taking my own food photos, I definitely appreciate the gorgeous pictures that appear on other food blogs.  I tried to keep that aesthetic in mind when I drew these pictures, while simultaneously keeping the pictures simple and easy to color.

I’d love to do more illustration for things people actually want…I think I’ll try to focus on other projects for a bit and see if I can actually sell anything.  I think I’m finally ready to put together some pieces that have been in the back of my mind for a while.  Maybe this weekend I’ll get to it.

More later!

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