Out is theme of the last two days.  Yesterday, while I was really getting into cleaning up the illustrations for the new book, the power went out.  It was about 1 p.m.  It didn’t come back on until 10 a.m.  By then I was freaking out – I’d NEVER get everything done!  I’m still catching up on feeds…blogs and recipes and news…and projects!  I have one to tweak and another to start…oh crap.

So what did I do today?  I WENT SHOPPING.  IN PORTLAND.  Portland is an hour away each way.  Why did I do that when I had sooo much work to do?  Well…tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  And the day after that is Black Friday.  And Linens N Things is going out of business…and H&M and Forever 21 just opened outlets in the mall…and I REALLY wanted to hit up Michael’s because I knew they’d have all the random crafty odds & ends I’ve been needing (they totally did).  I also intended to go to the grocery store, but I actually didn’t get to that.  While I was trying to decide which adorable things were coming home with me in the cake/cupcake/candy/sugar decorating/bakeware/packaging section (not as many as I really wanted…), Z called me and told me to get straight home to make a bid for an Etsy Alchemy job.  So I rushed home…after shopping another 10 minutes!

I did really well, though…I got this super awesome sort-of-cupcake pan!

Whats better than cupcakes baked in ice cream cones?  THIS!

What's better than cupcakes baked in ice cream cones? THIS!

Umm…obviously not my picture.  I also decided I should probably get a nice bundt pan while I was there, so I debated with myself for a while between the amazingly adorable little castle and the rose.  The rose won…it was so pretty!

I cant wait to try to make multicolored roses in this!

I can't wait to try to make multicolored roses in this!

I also got a nice bronze-looking tray that will look beautiful with cookies laid out on it, a couple of those little individual plastic cupcake containers that Katey told me about (one clear, one red/pink), and a creme brulee kit!!  I’ve never even HAD creme brulee (I just don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere that served it), but I couldn’t pass up a set of 4 ramekins plus a blowtorch (yay!) for under $15.  Practical stuff!  That was all Linens N Things, too…and in two trips.  I looked at the cake pans when I bought the first round of stuff and I was all “meh, I don’t even know if there are good brands” and then I went into Williams Sonoma (it smelled SO GOOD in there I could hardly stand it!) and they had the exact same things for the exact same prices, only not on clearance.  Sooo I went back!

It’s a good thing I don’t live closer to Michael’s, since I could spend hours just coming up with ideas to utilize the aisles of totally awesome crafty stuff there.  I very nearly bought a Wilton decorating kit, but decided to tough it out with my crappy plastic pastry bag until at least Christmas.  I won’t need to decorate too many cakes – it’s cookie season now!  I did end up finally getting one of those awesome cupcake/cake carriers, so now when I bring people goodies I don’t have to be so ghetto about it.  I also got a couple packages of really nicely-patterned cupcake wrappers and a giant awesome canister of different colors of sprinkles, each with their own compartment!  Oh, I got some stitching stuff, too…some black aida cloth and various nice shades of gray and green thread…I never have enough shades of those.  Ooh, and some silver and gold, too!  I’m excited to do some designs with those!

I also managed to snag a superfancy cupcake from the Little Dog, which was of course made by Carrie.  it was some kind of super magical really moist and dark chocolate cake with a really creamy chocolate filling with lots of STUFF in it and an AMAZING chocolate frosting with more chocolate stuff on top…It was the last one left and Z and I both agree it’s the best one of hers that we’ve had yet!

Back to doodling and designing…

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