I Don’t Even Know What I’ve Been Eating Lately

I know, I’ve been lousy lately with this blog…and with cooking.  I finally found a use for my silly drawings and have been spending the last few days arting it up with logo commissions on Etsy.  It turns out that people like having silly little animals and anthropomorphic objects representing their shops, usually in the most literal way possible.  My first finished job was a banner and avatar for Sweet Tush, and I’m really thrilled with how it turned out…and so is she, I think.  I”m learning how to make banners based around my drawings, with Z’s help.

Concept drawing for Sweet Tush.

Concept drawing for Sweet Tush.

In other art adventures, I went ahead and purchased a showcase spot on Etsy for my coloring book.  So, on Friday, you can see Coloring Animals in the Books & Zines showcase on Etsy.  Yes, that’s right, THIS Friday.  Otherwise known as the biggest shopping day of the year.  I added another 5 copies, but that’s only 10 altogether.  I know there’s no guarantee I’ll actually sell any, but I’m thinking of getting a few more printed so I can throw another 10 up there before Friday.  I also have to get around to actually buying the mailers for those…and printing more business cards…and since none of my other products fit into the book category, I’ve been scrambling to do ANOTHER book.  Yes, by Friday, and yes, I know I’m insane.  This one will be half-sized and I’ve drawn and inked all of the illustrations already.  I just have to scan them, clean them up, figure out how to do a layout to get them to print the way I need them for the style of binding, then bind those suckers up.  I also still have to design a cover…and a table of contents…I think straight text for the table of contents, in a cute font.  I might just do the covers individually by hand.  That would be cute!  It’s actually going to be a “Volume 1 of 2″…it’s a super “sweet” alphabetical adventure.  Check my shop on Friday to find out if I pulled it off or not!

So, yeah, getting back to the cooking theme…here’s the thing.  Cooking Anna has temporarily switched off and Drawing Anna has taken over.  What does that mean?  It means I’ll sit here all day, drawing, editing, communicating, posting, redrawing, re-editing, answering ANOTHER request thus adding ANOTHER project to the pile…drawing some more…and I will literally forget about food until I get light-headed and my stomach starts burning.  That doesn’t usually take long…but anyway, it’s a little weird for me.  I have a hard time being both Annas at once.  I think Drawing Anna trumps Cooking Anna…it’s just harder to become a successful artist than a successful cook.

I am, however, still waiting for my shipment of matcha, and when I get it, I’ll get back in the kitchen long enough to at least crank out some green tea cupcakes.

Well, back to work! (I love saying that and really meaning “back to drawing things for people”…I kept grumping at Z earlier because I wanted to work and he was distracting me!)

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