Hibernatin’ Season

I was planning to have a nice post up last night about some lovely gnocchi in pesto I was making…Yeah, gnocchi is HARD, especially when you’ve never had it before, and also never made any kind of pasta before.  By the last batch of them, though, I had finally figured out how big they needed to be (about half the size I made the first half of them…oops) and how to curl them off the fork so they have that nice gnocchi shape.  So basically I had boiled potato noodle blobs in a very nice, fresh pesto.  The pesto, admittedly, wasn’t perfect.  I was stupid and only saw Thai basil at the store, so I bought it, and ended up having to use dried basil to pump up the flavor and cover up the slight licorice smell.  Yeah.  I like licorice, but not in pesto.  The nice fresh-grated parmesan I used did a great job of hiding any fault in the herbs, especially since I sprinkled the fresh-from-the-water batches of gnocchi with the garlic, basil and cheese as I went, then mixed in the olive oil and pine nuts at the end.  Ultimately, it was definitely edible, though not worth the effort for what I came out with.  I know if I try it another couple of times I’ll get it…practice is the key to everything, I just have to muster up the motivation to try again.  Maybe with a different sauce next time…and I need to try making regular pasta, as well!

I did have one culinary success last night, though I didn’t get any pictures.  I liked the idea of parmesan-basil encrusted chicken, so I decided to make that as an accompanying dish for Z (he ultimately wasn’t into the gnocchi, not loving pesto like I do, and ended up having some regular old spaghetti with tomato sauce).  I halved the recipe and made it with large boneless strips of chicken instead of whole breasts.  I also used bread crumbs…which I did not crumb up myself…but I also don’t have a food processor.  I warmed up some spaghetti sauce and served it as a dipping sauce, and sprinkled on more parmesan right before I served it…that parmesan melted so fantastically!

…And I didn’t get any pictures.  The batteries in the camera were dead and also I fed Z his chicken because the gnocchi took so long I’d been keeping the chicken warm in the oven for like half an hour and didn’t want it to dry out.

Also, there was a stick stuck under my car.  It was terrifying!  It’s gone now, though.  I took the car shopping (for new clothes for me!) to celebrate.  I’m also utilizing the Etsy to get an adorable Boojiboo apron!

I do have plans for some cute stuff, I promise!  I’ve just been having very sleepy days lately…it’s so cold outside that I want to hibernate, and it hasn’t even snowed yet!  As soon as I get the matcha I ordered, I’m going to try some green tea cupcakes.  Because why not!  I also went ahead and ordered some vanilla beans…I’m going to be ARMED AND READY for Christmas cookie baking!

…So, I guess that’s it.  I’m going to watch Lost 2.0 now.  And maybe go through some recipes.

I need to get another photo shoot of him...but he gets so grumpy!

He gets so grumpy!

One response to “Hibernatin’ Season

  1. Bowser is a cutie! how old is he? I love tortoises and you’ve got a great looking one there. Have you had him for a long time?

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