Just as Tense as Everyone Else

There’s not a ton I can say that will ease anyone’s nerves…I did get out and vote, but I’m not going to be public about who got my vote.  Then I went to the grocery store (and I really love one of the stores in my hometown; it turns out they have some awesome gourmet ingredients if you take the time to look – today I found the fancy salts!) and got ingredients for a couple meals and one very ambitious dessert.  Then I went to Staples to straighten something out and get a ream of very nice paper for the next batch of books (the ones that will be making their way onto Etsy very soon), and finally headed home.  I briefly considered going to claim my free cone at Ben & Jerry’s, but unfortunately the closest one was in the opposite direction from home.  I didn’t really want ice cream, anyway; I’ve been slacking on the fruits and veggies lately and needed to feed myself something nutritious.

When I got home I made myself a sandwich, cooked up a pot of cheesy soup for tomorrow (Z had already eaten and we figured we’d just let it sit in the fridge and see if it tasted better the next day), and (finally!) unpacked my shiny, sexy red Kitchenaid and used it for the very first time.  I made some vanilla cupcakes from the Joy of Baking website with it and…I think I could have done a better job beating it by hand.  It was a lot of fun to mix, but when I pulled the cupcakes out of the oven there were little blobs of butter oozing out of most of them.  A couple came out ok, but I’m not going to make a whole batch of frosting for less than half a dozen successful cupcakes.  Maybe more of them will be salvageable once they cool a little, but I can easily make another batch tomorrow morning, since they’re so simple.  I might even try another recipe if these don’t taste vanilla-y enough.

So, no pictures tonight, as I’m settled in to watch the Daily Show/Colbert coverage.  Things are looking…pretty good so far.

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