Busy Busy Day

No entry yesterday, oops!  I was out and about for a big chunk of the day.  In a couple hours I’ll go out and get my first 10 bound, finished copies of “Coloring Animals,” the coloring book I drew.  I started drawing it early this year in the cold, dead, dry, sadsadsad winter, curled up in the back room (and, when that was too full of junk, the closet behind the counter) at the record store on my all-too-rare evening breaks…also usually just when it was too cold or wet to go outside for a while.  I finally hit my goal of 24 acceptable illustrations in July, just a couple of weeks before I left work.  It’s been a pain in the ass but I know what I’m doing now, for the most part.  Probably when I get to the second pressing (another 10 or 20 copies, I’m limiting it to 50 altogether) I’ll get around to setting up my Etsy.

While I didn’t cook anything recipe-worthy yesterday (I did make some yummy manicotti with mushrooms and fresh spinach and slices from a giant square of soft, gooshy mozzarella on top – plus bits of sweet Italian sausage in most of them for everyone but me…But I used a jarred sauce because I haven’t gotten around to learning to make my own yet…I know, I know!), I did some general food shopping at one of the more interesting sources for non-perishable groceries: Big Lots.  Seriously!  I took a pass through the whole store and had to restrain myself a little at the kitchenware section, but ended up buying only food (ok, and ONE roll of ribbon, but it’s a specific color and width I’ve been needing for a project).  The best finds were a bottle of real vanilla extract for $3 (and his friend, the $1 bottle of almond extract), a bag of really yummy salted dry-roasted edamame for $1.50, a giant canister of Sun Maid raisins for $2 (just when i’ve been wanting oatmeal raisin cookies!), and 3 packages of brown rice noodles for $1 each.  I also found bags of all-vanilla Midgees…those Tootsie Rolls that come in other flavors, vanilla being the best one!  I’ve been instructed to get more of those today (for stockpiling purposes) when I go pick up the books.

I also got something in the mail yesterday that I’m really excited about!

It loves my nice new board!

It loves my nice new board!

That’s the best picture I got, unfortunately.  It’s too dark in here for photos – I would have taken it downstairs where there are more lights but it was almost time for Fringe and I didn’t want to miss anything!  Anyway, now I can finally stop griping about knowing I SHOULD read but not knowing what I WANTED to read – this thing is huge!  Some of it I’m pretty sure I won’t need, like the stuffed baked heart recipe I came across while flipping through last night.  But I’m excited that there’s a whole section on mixed drinks (which I think is just as fascinating as cooking…Did I mention I’m a certified professional bartender?…But with no actual bartending experience…Also, the certification was four years ago…)!  I decided to track down a copy after talking to my grandmother about how I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing when it comes to cooking meat, since I haven’t really eaten it in ten years and haven’t really cooked it at all until recently.  She said she learned a lot of cooking from Joy, and even though she’s no master chef, I figured I should listen to her for once in my life.  I like having a giant, friendly-looking book that will tell me how to do everything…at least everything they knew how to do before 1975.  I went for that edition since it’s the last one by the original author, and apparently the tone of the books changes considerably after that.  Anything more modern I can just find in newer cookbooks and online, right?

So, no recipe today, but I’ll do one tomorrow.  I was thinking of trying some sort of soup since I have leftover chicken stock from the marsala and some vegetable stock, too, and it’s been kind of dreary and soupy outside lately.  I’ll have to dredge the bookmarks, and if that doesn’t inspire me, I’ll crack open my new pal Joy!…Speaking of which, I think this calls for some googly eyes.

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